What to expect from your shoot...


Does the idea of getting your photos taken kind of scare you a bit? Are you worried about having to stand awkwardly in front of the camera and smile? Well let me tell you, DO NOT WORRY! No matter what your past experience, I am here to do it different!

Let’s start from the beginning! We will have already agreed on a time and location. I’ll be waiting there for you when you arrive excited to meet you. If there’s any props to bring, I’ll take them with me and it’s often a short walk to our location. Once we’re there and I’ve set up my camera, all you need to do is let me guide you. Some people are naturally comfortable in-front of the camera and don’t need much guidance, but I can bet that most of you feel a little awkward. That’s okay! I’ll direct you every step of the way. I’ll often suggest ‘poses’ (I don’t love that word, so let’s use prompts) so you don’t have to worry about where or how to stand or what to do. Every photographer is different but I don’t like to overly stage photos to the point where they don’t feel natural. The main thing you can do, is just take a few deep breaths and relax. There is absolutely no need to stress over getting your photos taken. I am superrr chill and do my best to make the session feel the same way!

After 5-10 minutes, I can guarantee you’ll start to feel more at ease. Session times can vary, but are anywhere from around 30 – 50 minutes on average. I definitely don’t like to rush my sessions, but I also try to keep them efficient. Trust me I know that your little one’s have a very short attention span and can often get antsy if it drags on too long, so I personally feel like that’s an appropriate amount of time. On the topic of kids, I always try my best to make it a fun experience for them. I often finish a shoot with kids asking if they can keep playing with me or “can you take another photo of me”. However, let’s face it – kids will be kids and sometimes they just ain’t in the mood! If that’s the case, don’t freak out, we can make it work! If you need to take 5, settle them, give them a snack or let them just play for a minute, we can totally do that (and yes sometimes bribery is needed hahaha). Also, often my all-time favourite photos of kids are the one’s when they’re not just standing and smiling, but maybe running, picking flowers, on dad’s shoulders or even showing me their cool new trick. Let your kids have fun and I promise the photos will turn out even better.

Okay so it’s the end of the shoot and you’ve done it! See it wasn’t that bad was it?! I will take a quick little polaroid (aka. the ‘Magic Camera’) so that you have a little keepsake to take home on the day. We will then say our goodbye’s (hopefully not forever!) and you can go enjoy the rest of your evening. I’ll be in touch about the photos, however you can expect them in around 3 weeks time. Just make sure all your invoices have been paid and are up to date. Your photos will be delivered to you via your own private online gallery which I will send to you over email. You’ll be able to download them in high-res quality and will have lifetime access to the online gallery.

So that’s it! That is everything you can expect from your shoot. I promise you I’m not scary (tall but not scary) and it is my priority to make you feel comfortable and at ease during your shoot. Hopefully this little run-down gave you a better idea of what getting your photos done looks like and has put you at ease!

If you’d like to book a shoot with me, please email me at hello@byjoey.com.au or fill in the contact form here.

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