Myself in a nutshell: I LOVE an adventure, road trips and being surrounded by nature. I’m also a bit of a homebody and I love living a slow and intensional life. I live with my husband Lachie, our daughter Goldie and our dog Dusty (who will always be my first child). Being around the people I love is something I treasure and I honestly find so much happiness in these simple moments.

In 2022, Lachie and I travelled SA and WA in our little caravan "Scout" - a 1975 Viscount. We renovated her in 2020 and had plans to one day take her across the country which we certainly did! That experience taught me so much about life. It confirmed just how much I love the slow life - soaking in all the little moments, spending time outside exploring and feeling content in living simply. 

some things i appreciate:

A good, hot coffee
Winter sun and crisp mornings
The ocean - nothing a bit of salt water can't fix!
The sound of cicadas in the bush
The smell of rain
Fresh linen sheets
A fresh bunch of flowers
Random conversations with strangers in the grocery line
A good quality pair of blue denim jeans
True crime docos, podcasts and audiobooks
Anything 70's or vintage
A big glass of wine after a long day 

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Hi i'm joey

mother & photographer.

behind the lens.

Whether you've had photos taken before or it's your very first time, you can rest assured knowing you don't need to worry about a thing. 

Whilst I'm a fairly organised person (who yes loves a good list and a neatly organised calendar), I am also super chill, relaxed and low key. So when you turn up for your shoot, you can just be 100% completely yourself!

I never expect people to know what to do during a shoot, so I will guide you the whole way. You might feel a little nervous at the start, but I can guarantee after 5-10 minutes, you'll feel so much more at ease. Together we will go through the motions of the shoot until I feel like we've got all we need. 

When it comes to kids, I always try to make the experience a fun one. However, let’s face it – kids will be kids and sometimes they just ain’t in the mood! If that’s the case, don’t freak out, we can make it work! If you need to take 5, settle them, give them a snack or let them just play for a minute, we can totally do that (and yes sometimes bribery is needed hahaha).

So basically, there is absolutely no need to stress about your shoot. I'm here to help you the whole way through!