Myself in a nutshell: I LOVE camping, road trips and being in the ocean. I live with my partner and our little pup Dusty who is our ultimate adventure buddy! Being around the people I love is something I treasure and I honestly find so much happiness in these simple moments.

This definitely translates into my work and photography as truly value connections and emotion. My work priorities capturing these raw and intimate moments over getting the perfect shot' because your life is a STORY - made up of people and moments. And when you look back on your photos, these will be the ones that make you cry happy tears!

I like to believe I am more than just your photographer: I am dedicated to making you feel comfortable and relaxed, so think of me as more of a friend. My mission is to make having your photos taken FUN rather than something you dread.

I'm Joey ...

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Telling your unique story through the power of photos

photo by @emmawandphotography


Do you ever feel like life is passing you by so quick? Like it felt like yesterday that you brought your little one home from the hospital, or when they took their first steps? Do you ever wish you had more gratitude for you body for carrying you through your pregnancy? Or maybe you wish you'd simply captured more of your everyday life. Those simple, seemingly mundane moments you probably didn't appreciate as much as you now wished you did.

Life can be like that, and that's why I am so passionate about doing what I do. Photography to me is so much more than just pretty pictures. It's the stories, the memories, the moments in time, the nostalgia, the feelings that come with a photo.


The ocean 
Fresh morning air 
Peachy skies
Quiet mornings
The smell of coffee brewing
Fresh linen sheets
Vintage shops
Cicadas in summer
Fires outside in winter
The sound of waves crashing on the beach
Native flowers
Quirky airbnbs 
A good pair of worn in mum jeans
White wine

Behind the Lens

Whether you've had photos taken before or it's your very first time, you can rest assured knowing you don't need to worry about a thing. 

Whilst I'm a fairly organised person (who yes loves a good list and a neatly organised calendar), I am also super chill, relaxed and low key. So when you turn up for your shoot, you can just be 100% completely yourself!

I never expect people to know what to do during a shoot, so I will guide you the whole way. You might feel a little nervous at the start, but I can guarantee after 5-10 minutes, you'll feel so much more at ease. Together we will go through the motions of the shoot until I feel like we've got all we need. 

When it comes to kids, I always try to make the experience a fun one. However, let’s face it – kids will be kids and sometimes they just ain’t in the mood! If that’s the case, don’t freak out, we can make it work! If you need to take 5, settle them, give them a snack or let them just play for a minute, we can totally do that (and yes sometimes bribery is needed hahaha).

So basically, there is absolutely no need to stress about your shoot. I'm here to help you the whole way through!

MY Philosophy ...

I want you to look back one day, glass of wine in hand flicking through your old photos and be filled with so much love and happiness for the time that was. To look back on the past and be so grateful you decided to get those photos done.

There is nothing more special to me than being the person that gets to help you tell your story.

love notes


"...I'm just in awe of them I actually cried. Just because as a mum, you forget to take pictures with your baby and time passes by and you barely have any photos to look back on"




Shelby Campbell

"Wow and wow". You are the best photographer we've ever had. We will be using you for many years to come and to capture our growing family"




Danielle Maher

"As a mum to have beautiful photos like this of my family, it is more special than you can imagine. You have such an incredible job to give people something so special"




belle curtis

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